401k Rollover Options Managed Futures Spread Trading Historical Trends

401k Rollover Options

For all 401k rollover options make sure to pick a broker that has a strong focus on risk management and a good investment strategy. Find a good match for your goals, risk tolerance level, and time frame.

Managed Futures

History speaks for itself. Managed futures accounts have consistently outperformed the stock market from 1980 to 2008.

Spread Trading

A spread trade is a strategy where the investor aims to profit by predicting how the difference between two commodity prices will change.

Historical Trends

Commodity markets have historical trends due to the prices being based on supply and demand of the physical goods. Determining the future price of a single commodity based on historical trends is very difficult. It is more logical to analyze the relationship of two closely related commodities. Using this method, a trader can attempt to remove dependence of needing the market to move up (or down).

There is a lot to consider when rolling over a 401k: limitation, options, investment strategies, tax implications, and more. Let us help you sort through the mess and develop a strategy that aligns with your goals.

06th Dec 2012
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30th Oct 2012
risk management is vital for long-term success

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29th Oct 2012
What is a futures contract?

Historical Commodity Market Trends

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